15 juil. 2015

Short animated movie project.

I was recently contacted by friend Rachid Bouslam to help him on a project he has.
This is an animated short movie about a kid living in a post-apocalyptic world in which air is not breathable again, and oxygen is a limited commodity held by big enterprises.
The goal was to create some art, so my friend could present it to people at Annecy Festival, to get money so he could go further with his project and fully realize it.

Here are some characters I helped to create.

Girouette (weathercock)

Il y a quelques mois, mes amis de l'association Le Plus Petit Cirque Du Monde, m'ont contacté pour dessiner la girouette qu'ils voulaient installer sur leur tout nouveau chapiteau.
Il m'a fallu travailler étroitement avec l'artisan girouettier Bernard Girard pour adapter le dessin afin qu'il soit réalisable.
Ca n'a pas été une mince affaire car les girouettes ont des contraintes particulières auquelles je n'avais pas pensé.
Un bon nombre de personnes devaient donner leur accord. Il a fallu que le dessin convienne à tout le monde, ce qui n'a pas été facile.
Au final, ce fut un travail très intéressant et agréable à faire. J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à travailler avec Bernard Girard et à le rencontrer, car c'est un homme incroyable, qui a beaucoup d'humour.
Ce fut aussi bien évidemment un plaisir incommensurable de participer à ce projet avec le PPCM, et d'avoir une occasion de les remercier pour tout ce qu'ils ont fait pour moi (qu'ils le sachent ou non) quand j'étais plus jeune, et pour toutes les choses admirables et le bien qu'ils font pour tout le monde.

Ci-dessous vous pourrez voir quelques essais ainsi que le dessin final, et la girouette, bientôt installée sur le chapitea.
En bonus, ma fabuleuse girouette pour la blague du 1er avril !

A few month ago, I was contacted by friends from association Le Plus Petit Cirque Du Monde to draw the weathercock they were planning to put on top of their brand new circus tent.
I had to work closely with artist weathercock maker Bernard Girard, to see if the drawing was possible to be made.
It was not easy to achieve, since weathercocks have peculiar constraints that I had no idea of or wouldn't have thought of.
Also, many people were responsible for it, so the design had to go through everybody, which took time and efforts.
In the end, this was a really interesting and fun work to do. I was really pleased to meet and work with Bernard Girard, who is an amazing person, and has a lot of humour.
I was also, of course, more than pleased to participate to this project with the PPCM, and to have an occasion to give something back to them for all that they have done for me (that they know it or not) when I was younger, and for all the good they do and all the awesome things they achieve for people.

Here below you can find a few tries at the design, the final design, and the weathercock, soon to be put on top of the tent.
As a bonus, my awesome 1st of April weathercock joke !

Dessin final !

M. Bernard Girard et moi.
Poisson d'avril !

29 sept. 2014

Sci-Fi Female Character Concept #3

Here is the final design I chose, plus its back.
Anyway, some things will probably move and change a bit when sculpting.

17 sept. 2014

Sci-Fi Female Character Concept #2

Here is another batch of concepts for my sci-fi female character. Maybe I will do another round before choosing, still not quite sure about my fav.

So far I like the helmet on 20 and legs and belly on 22.

12 sept. 2014

Hooded Man #1

Here is a simple bust I'm working on to practice. I think every base mesh is now ready to add details.

8 sept. 2014

ZBrush Bone Alphas

So here are the alphas I used for my bones. They could be a bit more precise (I find there are too much noise on some of them).
Download link at the bottom of the page if you want to use them !


Bones assets

Here are a few bones I made for a school project of a friend. It still has some anatomy errors and could be more detailed, but I will do better next time ! I've made a skull, a femur (quite thick :/), a rib, a "kind-of-radial" bone, and a vertebrae.
I'm including the alphas I made if anyone's interested.

5 août 2014

Sci-Fi Female character concept #1

Some quick concepts for a female sci-fi/robot/whatever character. I will continue drawing some until I find something interesting and refine it.

I have drawn helmets and bodies separately to be a bit more free about the shapes, mix them in the end and have more ideas.

So far my favourite helmets would be 9, 10 and 18.

My favourite body armors woud be... 10, 11, 16 and 17, I guess.